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Title: Two More Eggs
Post by: Carlos del Vaca on November 15, 2016, 10:05:58 pm
OK, it's not a web comic. It's a series of interstitial shorts being run between shows on Disney XD. I post it here because they are by the Brothers Chaps, of Homestar Runner fame. They are weird and have that same knack for strange diction. They also feature some of the same voices--this made me shout "That's Coach Z! You're not fooling anybody!"

They are amusing, if not spectacular, and these days I need anything amusing I can get.
This one is my personal favorite:
But also I cannot stop singing this:

They are on the YouTubes, obviously, but they're also available via On Demand (via Verizon Fios at least) in ten-minute blocks, if you don't want to watch Disney Freakin' XD day and night to catch them in the wild.
Title: Re: Two More Eggs
Post by: pmcd9 on November 19, 2016, 04:49:38 am
I'm glad to see them back in action and I don't begrudge them getting paid, but would it be too much to work in a new SB Email, or maybe Teen Girl Squad?