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@achewood Italian food is like pornography. I canít define it, but I know when I have paid too much.

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History / Grammar Police vs National Parks
« on: September 04, 2008, 01:19:19 pm »
It's been ahwile since we had the grammar discussion. I thought this news story was interesting. I checked the names to see if it was anyone here.


Sports & Leisure / Just for Laughs
« on: August 28, 2008, 01:28:35 am »
Since I don't know how long this link will work:

When not to hyphenate your married name

Arts & Entertainment / Major Musical Dilemma
« on: January 27, 2008, 04:59:41 am »
I am trying to locate a piece of music. Those of  you who have ever worked in a music or bookstore will appreciate this because I don't know the name and I am only fairly sure of the artist. Worse, I can't even make a poor attempt at humming a fragment of the song to you.

I am fairly sure it is Paul McCartney. It has a very persistent piano riff that descends in thirds, duh-duh, duh-duh, duh-duuh-d-duh duh. I can not recall a single lyric.

See, doesn't that help?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Sports & Leisure / i-tunes
« on: January 05, 2008, 04:44:15 am »
I just got an i-pod nano which I love.

Does anyone here know why I have problems with sortation in i-tunes? Several albums show up with all the correct info, but rather than being one albume, they split in to 10 different albums. This usually happens with compilations or mix albums, and the same artists usually split off into a separate 'album' but occasionally, an Album all by the same artist splits.

How do I set the sortation, the columns and the album info to prevent this from happening? It's driving me nuts.

Also, how do I do tags in and why do some tracks played in i-tunes or the i-pod not show up on

Thanks for helping me out. Ever since I turned 40 and had to hang these onions on my belt I've lost the ability to work this here new technology.

Wild Card / TRIP TO INDIA!
« on: July 06, 2006, 06:38:33 pm »
Not today.

Science & Nature / Car Question
« on: June 22, 2006, 11:26:20 pm »
Perhaps best answered by Asherdan who also wrenches on jeeps:

I just yanked a leaky water pump off my truck. Second time in 3 years this has happened. The water pump is basically made of galvanized pipe with an impeller connected to a pully that is turned by the engine belt with a line in. It seems like it should be close to indestructible - it's all metal.

It has a tiny, perfectly round hole in it. It's not seized; it turns just fine.

How does this item get a hole in it? Is it manufactured, then drilled and epoxied to give it a life cycle? Even under heat and pressure, wouldn't it crack rather then blow out a hole basically the size and shape of a BB?

Here is an interesting take on the whole Religion and Science discussion

This is an interesting story. Can anyone find the speech he gave?

Also: This thread is clearly marked as to the nature of it's content. If you think you might get heartburn over it, don't read it or take some Mylanta and then read it.

People & Places / The 12 Best Places to go to Prison
« on: May 26, 2006, 10:43:34 pm »


The 12 best places to go to prison

Where a shamed CEO does his time makes all the difference. Does he want to learn to be a chef or to get back in shape? It's a quality-of-life issue, really.

By Forbes

Two disgraced Enron executives, former Chief Jeffrey Skilling and founder Kenneth Lay, were found guilty of securities fraud and a host of other charges today and now face the likelihood of lengthy prison terms.

Where they will serve their time -- assuming they serve time at all -- can be almost as important as how much time they'll do, says Alan Ellis, a former president of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Ellis now specializes in the defense of white-collar offenders.

Although criminals don't get to choose their prisons, they can make requests. And assuming their desired location matches their security classification, as defined by the Bureau of Prisons -- minimum, low, medium or high -- and has space available, requests are often honored.

Often, but not always. Take the case of Samuel Waksal, the former ImClone Systems (IMCL, news, msgs) CEO, who requested to serve his seven-year sentence at Eglin Federal Prison Camp in Florida. (Eglin was once considered so cushy that the term "Club Fed" was actually coined to describe it. It was recently closed.) Instead, Waksal was shipped off to the Schuylkill Federal Correctional Institute in Minersville, Pa., which did not make our list.

And the fates of crooked corporate titans like former Tyco (TYC, news, msgs) Chief Executive Dennis Kozlowski and Adelphia (ADELQ, news, msgs) founder John Rigas can hardly be encouraging, either. Kozlowski will serve up to 25 years of hard time in a New York state prison, while Rigas, who is free pending an appeal, was sentenced to 15 years in the can.

You could escape Ė but why?

The days of "Club Fed"-- think golf courses and lobster bakes -- are long gone. But minimum security facilities, known as federal prison camps, are the best suited for disgraced CEOs and other white-collar criminals. In theory, inmates in these camps show no risk of violence or escape. Both shoe-mogul Steven Madden and Martha Stewart are FPC alums.

Why are prison camps the way to go, if you must go at all? Among other perks, federal prison camps have a relatively low staff-to-inmate ratio, dormitory-style accommodations and little to no fencing. In fact, inmates could walk away from these camps. Few do, however, because recaptured inmates face severe consequences.

While some of the minimum security facilities still stand on their own, it is increasingly common to have camps lie adjacent to larger and more secure institutions, particularly low-security federal correctional institutions.

"It used to be that those freestanding facilities were considered to be more relaxed," says David Novak, a former Microsoft (MSFT, news, msgs) consultant who served time in a federal prison camp for mail fraud. "The differences now really come down to convenience for family, weather and things of that nature."

Ellis says the quality of life among staff members also can make one prison more pleasant than another. "Happier staff makes for happier inmates," he says.

To determine which prisons are the best places to serve time, we turned to the man who wrote the guidebook, literally. Ellis has written several editions of the Federal Prison Guidebook, which profiles each of the nation's 178 federal prisons.

If you've got to do time Ö

Prison                              Perk
FCI Ashland, Ky.                Wellness program
FCI Bastrop, Texas             Easy airport access
FCI Dublin, Calif.                 Bookmobile service
FPC Duluth, Minn.              Musical instruments available
FCI Englewood, Colo.         Pool, ping-pong, foosball
FCI Lompoc, Calif.              Gym, tennis courts
FPC Montgomery, Ala.        Career retraining
FCI Otisville, N.Y.               Active Jewish religious program
FPC Pensacola, Fla.             Day jobs at the Navy base
FCI Sheridan, Ore.              Learn to be a fitness trainer
FCI Texarkana, Texas         Track, bocce pit, basketball court
FPC Yankton, S.D.             Music lessons, intramural sports

-- Lacey Rose, Forbes

Wild Card / Parents and Kids and Families
« on: May 19, 2006, 01:19:47 am »
OK, so a few of us are parents, all of us are someone's children and we all have some level of dealing with our families. So I'm posting this list of aphorisms, all from one guy who is a sort of guru and famous guy about these sorts of things. Here's what I hope to get out of this thread: pick one that you either vehemnetly agree with or violent disagree with. As gracefully as possible, state your case. I'm sure someone will quickly identify the source. Tiny cans to you when you do.


You can't be a good parent without being a good spouse.

There are two kinds of parental love: the love you give your kids, and the love you give your spouse. Kids with loving spouses grow up believing in romantic love.

It's your kid's job to resist. It's your job to impose your will.

Good discipline is just another form of love.

Ten percent of life is what happens; the other 90 percent is what you do about it.

Many of us parent out of fear - fear of alienating our kids, fear of making the wrong choice - but fear never leads to the right destination.

You cannot fix your children without also fixing yourself.

The greatest gift a man & a woman can give to their children is the gift of loving each other.

Your marriage is not a facet of your life. It is your life. It is not a detail of your happiness, but its source and greatest blessing. Swallow your pride. Go back to the person to whom you once committed your life and exert the energy to make the marriage work again. By doing so you will have the satisfaction of knowing, not only that you never stopped climbing Ė that you never quit Ė but rather that you never climbed alone.

There is enough uncontrollable pain in life without us unnecessarily adding self-inflicted wounds.

The hero is not the man who conquers the world, but who conquers his own passions.

We dare never parent out of fear. Fear is a hysterical reaction to an imagined threat, while caution is a calculated response to a real danger.

We must raise our children to fear none but God alone.

A parentís bedroom is not a family sitting room or family dormitory. Children should never sleep in their parentsí bedroom. If you need to hire a security guard to make your bedroom into Fort Knox, that is still better than allowing your role as parent to conflict with your role as lover to your spouse.

The rule of relationships is this: We all want to be wanted, need to be needed, desire to be desired. Demonstrating a dependency on the object of your love is the golden rule of relationships.

Man is a force of nature, like a hurricane, whose turbulence is on the extremities but has utter calm at its center. We are powerful when we have shalom, tranquility, in the home, when the place to which we retreat is tranquil. Then, none of the external noise pierces our soul. For many families today, however, they have tumultuous winds in the home, forcing them to flee to mind-numbing escapes on the extremities, outside the home.

Itís not true that a coupleís sex life need end with the advent of children. On the contrary, what is lovemaking other than a man and woman at play, flirtatious and precocious. And the natural playfulness that children inject into the lives of their parents can help them to draw closer.

The greatest gift that a man can give his children is to love their mother. Conversely, the greatest gift that a mother can give her children is to love their father.

By being happily married we gift to our children the knowledge that love works, that the world is comprised of pieces of a puzzle that ultimately fit.

The man who cheats on his wife thinks of himself as an adventurer, when really he is a wanderer.

We dare not make money into a commodity by which to purchase self-esteem.

The foremost sin in a marriage is to put someone (even your child) before each other.

The real purpose of counseling a family is not to point out right and wrong, but to inspire them to choose the right and reject the wrong.

The Garden of Eden was not a place in space, but a place in time. It represents our childhood years, when everything is magical and perfect. Eviction from Eden represents growing up, the natural tendency to be bitten by the hardships and disappointments of life, to calcify and coarsen. The restoration to Eden takes place when we have children, who reintroduce all the lost Eden-like qualities of childhood into our lives.

Parents today are guilty of believing that they can have healthy children without having a healthy family environment.

Most of us promise ourselves that we will never make the same mistakes as our parents, yet we grow up and almost by osmosis, we start becoming them. We end up transmitting to our children the same imperfections that our parents transmitted to us. Itís a never-ending cycle. And there comes a time in the generational life of a family that one generation has to say, "Enough, I will be healed so that my children will heal." Let that generation be us.

You cannot have healthy children without having a healthy family environment.

There are no bad children. Only bad parents. When our kids act up, itís time to  look in the mirror.

Parents need their children far more than children need their parents.

You are not a hero to the world unless you are first and foremost a hero to your children.

Have you really been successful if the people who mean the most to you, think the least of you?

Sarandon Endorses Hillary's Senate Challenger

In the History thread, we were talking about this a little so I thought I'd open a thread.

So what I was wondering about this story was what effect losing a Senate race (I doubt she will) would have on her Presidential campaign and, also, what some of you guyses opinion is on the impact of political statements by people like Ms Sarandon or Barbra Streisand or Ben Afflec or Alec Baldwin or others that have spoken out over the past few years.

Science & Nature / Web Specs and Standards
« on: May 16, 2006, 09:00:48 pm »
This is a request from those of you who have training, education or experience in designing web pages:

I'm involved in an organization that has the worst website ever. To me, it evokes a website that perhaps an elderly lady put together in 1993 to show off her collection of hummels. Such things as horrible midi music that can not be turned off, and little angels falling in the background. It makes me physically ill.

It's a horror, an abomination even.

Can someone direct me to a set of plain language, easy-to-understand general standards for websites, particularly for those designed for the public to access to learn about an organization and it's products/services? Particularly valuable would be if these standards came from national organization or group which would naturally and immediately lend credibility to the publication.



People & Places / Anyone know where
« on: May 11, 2006, 12:35:06 am »
Limmo is?

I just saw Bobby I today, still don't see enough of Arkabee or Bozack.

Wild Card / Who has the best Mustached Avatar?
« on: May 06, 2006, 12:08:30 am »
Discuss. This may come up again at TOUAMBIE time.

Arts & Entertainment / #3 Has fallen: Dennis Weaver is dead
« on: February 28, 2006, 01:15:55 am »
Yes, McCloud is gone at 81.

Link will need fixed soon.

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