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@achewood Italian food is like pornography. I canít define it, but I know when I have paid too much.

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Achewood / Onstad does not deserve this
« on: August 02, 2003, 04:40:00 am »
Okay, it looks like we made it a little over 12 hours before our first asshole poster.

Why was this an asshole post?  I think they are just saying what a lot of us are feeling.  I mean, the man writes a funny cartoon (well i'm in the it ain't what it used to be camp), but clearly he's a pretty huge prick towards his fans.  He's complained in several interviews about how much work this is for him so maybe he's gotten burned out.  That's another post for another time though.  He gave us like zero warning that he was closing down the board, he's expressed hostillity towards the very existance of this new board and he sure as hell ain't being very helpful in lettin' anyone know it exist.  Also, someone mentioned that they have been waiting a long time for their merchandise.  Me too.  I've been waiting almost a month for my shirt and i'm starting to feel ripped off.  Jough, don't you feel just a little bit like a chump for spending so much time supporting someone who hates you?  He's even taking to taunting his fans in his latest cartoon.  I'll continue to read achewood (as long as it remains funny), but I ain't gonna pretend that Onstad is a super sweet guy.



Achewood / Merchandise Sales
« on: August 01, 2003, 05:20:42 am »
I wonder if Onstad has considered the fact that his message board really drives merchandise sales.  I predict a marked decrease in merchandise sales, but we will have no way of ever knowing this to be fact.  If he starts suddenly hawking the shit out of it on his site (like he don't now, right) that would be one clue though.


Achewood / Welcome!
« on: August 01, 2003, 05:09:56 am »
hmm -- you think onstad wants a messageboard about his site to even exist?

Not much he can do about it now.  I think this is fantastic.  Onstad is an awesome cartoonist, but a lousy messageboard moderator.  Now he's free to make his comic in peace and we can talk about it without fear of annoying the boss.  Much, much, much better arrangement I thinks.


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