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@achewood There are only five Wodehouse books on my special Wodehouse shelf?! As Jeeves himself might ask, "Where in the fuck are the rest of them."

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Author Topic: Chump Change Tries to create a Comics Curmudgeonlike snark blog about Web Comics  (Read 24533 times)

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im not interested in trying hallucinogens, but i always thought it would be interesting to drop acid and watch that lame live action 'masters of the universe' with dolph lundgren as heman.

Well, I know what I'm doing this weekend...
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I have been reading Yehuda Moon since this thread.  Man, it is so awesome.  And all of the bikers get all pissy and serious in the comment section.  I can't really think of a better example of unintentional comedy than Yehuda- but you have to include the comments.  This month he has been tracking down the dude who hit him.  It involved a really bad fake comic inside the comic, a godfather bike head in bed, fake blood, an eye witness who may be a love interest who is setting up her ex boyfriend and an on-air confession. 

I also really like that it updates at 12 am pacific every day.  It is nice to follow something on a schedule.
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I also really like that it updates at 12 am pacific every day.  It is nice to follow something on a schedule.

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