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@achewood There’s no Day for apologizing to our parents for all the stupid shit we put them through. Perhaps because we never finish before they die.


What Phrase from Achewood was most popular on the board in 2005?

"You are a crap dude"
- 6 (13%)
"Fuck you Friday"
- 0 (0%)
"Dude of Gravity"
- 2 (4.3%)
"Hella" / "Hell of"
- 12 (26.1%)
"Basically like treasure"
- 7 (15.2%)
- 19 (41.3%)

Total Members Voted: 42

Voting closed: February 12, 2006, 02:58:03 am

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Author Topic: Award Presentation Thread: Insidious Language Award  (Read 3866 times)

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Award Presentation Thread: Insidious Language Award
« on: January 17, 2006, 01:29:51 am »

So what Phrase from the Daily Strip found its way to usage on the board?
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Re: Award Presentation Thread: Insidious Language Award
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2006, 01:56:01 am »

Thank you Jough, and congratulations MisterQueue.  Now you can die happy.  A sick fuck, but a happy one.

Now on to the next category.  The insidious language award. 

To present this award we turn to CortJstr.  The only TOUAMBer who is also a verb.  Cort...


I hope I never have to refer to a scone in spoken conversation.


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Re: Award Presentation Thread: Insidious Language Award
« Reply #2 on: February 13, 2006, 01:57:45 am »

Insidious Language Award — The shit that Onstad started and we at the board just won't let go of. These phrases usually show up in at least one post a day and worm their ways into our everyday speech. Embrace them, love them, overuse them, scream them during sex. Well maybe not that last one. But if you do scream one during sex make sure to tell us all about the severe beating you receive because of it.

You are a crap dude - The world is full of guys who are less than great. Not so good. Sure there are already terms for them like "jerk", "asshole", and "dickweed" but none of those terms carry the power to cripple a man's very soul like calling him a crap dude.

Fuck you Friday - Sometimes you need an excuse to tell people everybody you meet, "hey, fuck you." This is why the Fuck You Friday was invented. A safe time to vent your pent up anger at the world for even the tiniest infraction. Take the old "fuck you" out for a spin. You'll be glad you did.

Dude of Gravity - The board has a couple dudes of gravity and a pleasant, mannerly way was needed to talk about them. But if you ever see somebody with objects actually in orbit around them it's your duty to post pictures.

Hella/Hell of - Started in CA, spread to the rest of the US by South Park, and repopularized by Achewood hella and hell of are great ways to get your point across. Not merely a lot or tons of but hella. When you say "hella lame" or "hell of porn" people know that you are speaking about some seriously large amounts. But be wary as repeated use is the easiest way to slip into Beef Speak in real life.

Basically like treasure - Roast Beef introduced us to this term while speaking about the show Cheers and it stuck immediately. When words like good or great just can't cut it we bust out "basically like treasure." Most often scene in music threads this term is handy and informative. Not to mention occasionally open to debate re: a song's merits.

Education. - It's what Achewood is all about. It was dick and fart jokes but then Onstad saw the light and it's now all about education. And the board has followed in his wise footsteps so that we too are all about education. Well, and tiny cans of Dr Pepper. But mostly education.

And the winner is:

Education. Because it's what we here at TOUAMB are all about.
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